DSB is making great changes!

A message from Michael and Satoko at DSB

As a valued customer and friend of DSB, we hope you and all of your families are safe and doing well.  CoronaVirus / COVID-19 has had a terrible effect on all of us in the brewing industry but now it seems that we can start to think about opening our businesses again, we hope very soon.  Here at DSB we have also had to review our business carefully and have decided to make two major changes to reduce costs so we can keep the brewery open and therefore continue making Craft Beer.  These changes are as follows:

1. Return to DSB direct sales

DSB will resume direct sales via the DSB online store and in-house delivery to some regions, apologies for any inconvenience caused by the change.We will do our best to return the saved costs to our customers by cutting the costs of outsourcing, so we hope you understand.

Current selling beer price

Premium price: ¥ 12,750 + shipping + tax

Extreme price: ¥ 14,000 + shipping + tax

DSB in-house shipping fee

¥ 1,000 (+ tax) per keg

(including empty barrel collection)

Shipping of the additional kegs on the same order/delivery are free !!

Price outside the DSB’s delivery area

Yamato Transport shipping fees have also been reduced and we are passing those savings onto our customers:

Payment Terms

Payment closes at the end of the month, with payment requested to be made by the end of the following month (Please note that we reserve the right to request advance payment from some customers)

The first 22 kegs will be delivered free of charge after this email.

(DSB own delivery 17 kegs, Yamato 5 kegs)

2. DSB to start selling bottles

We are working with a local cardboard company in Higashimurayama to make a bottle case for 12 bottles.  We will notify you by e-mail as soon as we are ready to offer these, so please consider ordering these new products.

New DSB Team Members

By the way, the announcement was delayed, but we would like to introduce two new staff members who participated in DSB from the new year! We would like you to meet them at the brewery or during deliveries.

DSB Team: Satoko, Yuki, Marian and Michael.

CoronaVirus Precautions 

Finally, all of here at DSB take the risk of coronavirus very seriously, we all wear a mask and gloves during all operations related to beer products and delivery preparation,We promise to our customers that we take safety measures not only when travelling to the brewery, such as when they go to work, but also while we are inside the factory.

DSB Beers – Available Now!

We look forward to resuming business with you again.

If you have any ideas how we can support your business restart, please contact us.

Thank you as always for your continued support. 

Michael and Satoko