Galaxy Haze v11 – Hazy IPA – 330ml x 6


7.0% ABV / 40 IBU

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このビールはほぼ、HOPに焦点を当ててます。 もちろんベースのモルトも大事ですが、全ての工程でHOPを大量に加えることで、豊かな風味を醸し出しています。苦すぎず、とてもジュージーなこのビール、もしあなたがHOPが好きなら、このビールはあなたのためにあるようなビールです!



Welcome back to our popular New England – Hazy IPA; this one uses a crazy amount of only Galaxy Hops.

This beer is brewed with the focus almost entirely on one element: Hops! The malt base for this beer is extremely important but acts only to deliver the flavour of the hops, which are added at almost every stage of the brewing process and in copious amounts.

Not overly bitter but really, really juicy, so if you love hops then this beer is definitely for you!

PS: No fruit was harmed in the making of this beer…


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