Lonely Hop IPA: Centennial – 15L


6.0% ABV – 60 IBU


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DSBのビールは、通常使用されるホップの種類は2~4種類、多い時は5種類ほどあったりしますが、ビールのレシピ的に時にはより少ないことも… ってことで、なんとDSB初のシングルホップ…DSB的にはロンリーホップシリーズのご紹介です! 第一弾は、なんといっても香り高きセンテニアルホップを選んでみました!🤩




Announcing our new Lonely Hop Series!  

Usually when we brew beer at DSB, we select two, three, four, sometimes even five different hops for each recipe, but sometimes less is more …..   So we are pleased to introduce the first in our single or as we like to call it our Lonely Hop series, and we are starting with the amazing Centennial hop!  🤩

Centennial is a grown from blend of several English hops and is now an amazingly popular American IPA hop; it is sometimes referred to as Super Cascade but in terms of drinking it provides loads of citrus and floral notes and can easily stand out alone in this double dry hopped IPA.

So this hop is all on its own in this beer but we are sure it will make lots of new friends very soon!